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Now time to stop for waiting for checks in the mail




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Get authorization from your client over the phone fax web link
Get Client’s Bank Info and Print Checks
No Signature Required By Law
Deposit to Your Bank just Like a Check
Get Recurring Payments, One Time, Open payment according your authorization from your clients

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OnlineCheckDraft.Com LLC


OnlineCheckDraft.Com is a Texas-based corporation with Operation Based in Texas and California. originally made for the parent company. The founder was tired of paying so much credit card fees, Gateway fees and other ACH Fees when collecting monthly dues from the customers. Parent Company was paying more than $10,000.00 credit card fees per month.


The founders of OnlineCheckDraft.Com, have one goal in mind:

to build a better payment management experience for businesses that leaves no ridiculous fees to anyone. The Founder Believe small business that keeps 100% of the face value but giving a small service fee, not like tens of thousands of dollar in processing.  Our founder is technology orientated, with 15 years of experience in many different industries, from retail to real estate.   This software later released to the public.


OnlineCheckDraft.Com, we conform to the Check21 Act, and we follow KYC directions. This guarantees the most secure conceivable treatment of data and guarantees the least fraud rate in the business.

What is a Check Draft?

Check Draft also called Demand draft or Bank Draft is much the same as a check however made by the vendor using this Online Demand Draft Software and approved by Payer/Bank Account holder.

Difference between a regular check and check draft is that a regular check made by Payer/Bank Account holder and signed on it but Check Draft is made by Vendor /Merchant who supposed to get paid and approved by Payer/Bank Account holder but no signature required.

You get the Bank routing number and Bank Account number from Payer over the phone/Fax/Web/Link and create a check draft using OnlineCheckDraft.Com and deposit it just like a check. At the signature place, it indicates” No Signature required. Your depositor authorized this transaction”.

By law, you required to have proper authorization from the payer and record it. It is great to have a paper trail. We always recommend using our signature capture link sending to payer phone or email instantly and have them fill Bank Account info or confirm it with signature.

This is a  common way to take checks over the phone. Get that customer Bank information over the phone and make sure you have proper authorization as you need, one-time, recurring or open and have a record of it as per Banking regulation.

This is a very good way to take checks by the Fax. Since it has a paper trail it is one of the secured ways also to create a check draft of a customer. Have customer fax a copy of the bank information or have them fax it in your own custom-made form

At Final check out when your customer use to pay by check, it will prompt them to enter their bank routing number and bank account number. You can print that Check Draft in your own site admin panel (API) or at and deposit just like a check.

It is sometimes called internet checks also. You can do this in many ways as per your requirement. Having a ‘Pay By Check’ button on your website would be the easiest way. Many businesses take advantage of this getting paid without paying any kind of fee.

This is the same way as accepting checks by the internet. You can have a ‘Pay By Check’ button on your website or sending a customized link to customer’s phone or email at checkout or the payment place and have the customer fill information and Authorization needed.

Accept Checks By Link to Smarphone

This is most useful for who don’t have a website or a platform. This is also a good way even if you have a website to send the link your customer’s phone or email for an additional layer of security. You can have it customized what customer need to be filled.

This will give you an additional layer of security. You can text the link to customer mobile phone or tablet by email and have them sign it electronically which will be printed on that check and act like a regular check. 

This option gives you to add a service fee like a $1 or $2 if you would like. This can give you an option to cover your expense of blank check paper, ink and Software Monthly Fee or any other kind of service fee.

100 % Cloud-Based Military Grade

100 percentage cloud-based give you full Mobility to work on from any computer. Hosted in Military grade, End to End Encrypted industry-leading Amazon Cloud. All the data are completely on Amazon banking grade servers.

Accept Checks By Phone, Check By Phone

Print Deposit Slips Business on demand on any standard letter size white paper

Forget filling Bank Deposit slip by hand

Keep Track Of Every Details in Deposit Slips

Connect bank and auto Reconcile it. 

Accept Checks By Fax, Check By Fax

Pre-Printed Checks already have your company information bank account number and routing number. All you need to be printed Payee information, Amount and Date with a Memo. 

Support Check On Top, Middle, Bottom, Three Per Page and Wallet Size also- Personal Size Checks

Accept Checks By Internet, Check By Internet

You make Check from any place 
We Print checks on HQ Check Paper, Stuff, Seal and Post on Same Business Day (USPS) for 75 Cents

When you request to mail a check, it prints behind the scene and sends to our printer queue

Accept Checks on Website, Checks through Website

Now time to stop for waiting for checks in the mail

  1. Collect bank Info and Print Check Draft
  2. No Signature required. 
  3. Make it Recurring for Monthly Collections.

Accept Checks By Online, Check By Online

Now time to stop for waiting for checks in the mail

  1. Collect bank Info and Print Check Draft
  2. No Signature required. 
  3. Make it Recurring for Monthly Collections.

Accept Checks By Link to Smart Phone, Check By Link

Now time to stop for waiting for checks in the mail

  1. Collect bank Info and Print Check Draft
  2. No Signature required. 
  3. Make it Recurring for Monthly Collections.

Accept Checks By Link to Email, Check By Link

Now time to stop for waiting for checks in the mail

  1. Collect bank Info and Print Check Draft
  2. No Signature required. 
  3. Make it Recurring for Monthly Collections.

Send Signature Capture Link

Now time to stop for waiting for checks in the mail

  1. Collect bank Info and Print Check Draft
  2. No Signature required. 
  3. Make it Recurring for Monthly Collections.

Send Signature Capture Link

Now time to stop for waiting for checks in the mail

  1. Collect bank Info and Print Check Draft
  2. No Signature required. 
  3. Make it Recurring for Monthly Collections.


Focus on Business. Let us Manage and make sure you get paid 100%, without any fee


Apartment Complex

General Manager

Government Entities

City Manager



We saved so much money after adding Check draft for collecting rent from our Apartments Tenants. We set up for the recurring Check Draft payment as per lease duration. No More waiting for the checks and to be late. We hardly use credit cards now for collecting rent and we are trying to switch the people already on the cards to Check draft. Our clients also save money not paying us any processing fee when they were using credit cards. Some Point we did charge Processing fee of 3% if they pay by card. It was an average of $30.00 per transactions.





It is so easy to collect property tax from thousands of our taxpayers without causing them any fees to pay. We integrated with our website and seamlessly customer can sign into their taxpayer account and pay online. They can even pay without even signing in. Check Draft automatically printed and be deposited without causing anyone any kind of fees. I did not even know what was check Draft before.

Most of our worshippers used to pay donations by credit card. Even though we are a 501c, still we have to pay thousands of dollars credit card fee per month. Having so many members we lost so much money every year in processing fee. Now we switch to check Draft. All our cost is now, two or three penny for the blank check paper per transaction, no matter how big or small donation amount is. It’s all automated and printed. All our extra work is to deposit once in a month. But it saved a huge amount in processing fee.

Invoice Processor 

Finance Manager

Insurance Agent


Cpa Firm


We are a third-party payment processor for so many companies by charging a small service fee. Now we successfully able to add ‘Pay by Check’ option to all the companies giving an option to the customer to pay by check also. More money in our pocket by saving so much processing fee of credit card and ACH companies.

Being an insurance company agent always ended up paying so much credit card fee every month. That is actually cutting our profit margin to too narrow. Recently we added Check draft option into our payment options. We gradually making all our new customers paying by check draft recurring. This is saving us a lot of money each month while collecting their Auto Insurance and home insurance.

I have more than 300 clients which I take care of the all taxes and payroll needs. Collecting my monthly service fee was always a burden for me waiting for the checks in the mail or people who pay by credit card paying the processing fee so much. Some of my clients forget to mail the check and have to keep calling them to remind it. After switching to check draft, it became so convenient, all my client service we automatically printed as check drafts at first of the month and we deposit it. Everything automatically tracks and we don’t have to pay any more credit card fee. We switched all our clients to check draft eventually.



See how simple is Check Draft Printing with OnlineCheckDraft.Com

Collect Few Payments, rent, Donations or Asso: Fees Per month?

Quit spending valuable portion of your income paying to Credit card companies and ACH. Create Check Draft and keep 100 Percentage of it. Let OnlineCheckDraft make your checks Draft the way you wanted. Single, multiple, Group it, import and print check Draft. The Best Check Draft Software in the Nation. Often Called Bank Draft Software or Demand Draft Software.

Millions? Apartment Complexes, Govt Entities collecting Property Taxes??

It is sure you are ending up tens of thousands of dollars paying credit card fees Gateway fees or ACH fees. Some companies even charge the customer for the transaction fee to pass extra expenses. Why do you want to frustrate your customer and make them less loyal to you? Use Online Check Draft Software the way fit for you, customizing with our API. The Best Bank Draft Software or Demand Draft Software of the Nation. 

We are everywhere to print Check Draft and Make sure you get Paid On time

Enter info into App. Make Check Draft, tap a button to print yourself.  Text link right from App.

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Sites That Promote Hate, Violence or Racial Intolerance
Gambling, Online Betting
Sexually Oriented or Dating Sites or Business
Investments or Currency Exchange
Debt Consolidation type companies
The sale of Guns, Ammo, Knifes or Weapons
Call Service Call Centers or Telemarketing
Payday Loans, Advance Loan
Vehicle Transport Services check draft
Any Brokers Companies

Get paid with no fee using Check Draft

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“Our most unhappy customers are our greatest source of learning.”Your Problems is our improvements. Having satisfied customers isn’t good enough for us anymore. 

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We Do know your problem. Everyone would be happy to pay a certain amount of service fee for any kind of service uses. But nobody would like to pay a ridiculous processing fee of tens of thousands of dollars every month if you process a good amount. We Find the Best way to resolve it in our own case study. We blend cutting-edge technology with objective financial service. We believe that this is the best way to empower both individuals and businesses. With our client-centric business model, OnlineCheckDraft.Com is fundamentally altering the traditional check Draft landscape

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